Note! The video only shows a couple repetitions of each movement.

Note! Follow along this Warm Up and have FUN!

Prior to starting the routine you will want to perform some warm-up. Keep in mind that it should not take too much energy away from your training. The warm up is a method to reconnect your mind with your body and prepare you for the movement and reduce the chances of injury to muscles and joints. Do not turn the warm up into a workout. 

Do you have extra time today and feel more energetic; then you might want to take your warm up to the next level following the "More Than Just A Warm-Up" video below.

All exercise must be performed with good technique and slow enough to be able to maintain body control.  

Practice, Practice and Practice.....


It is all about movement!

Focus on technique, feel your body, be picky with yourself and the lean and strong body will come!

This is another YoanaOnlineFitness workout guaranteed to help you to get that desired body. 

Are you ready? 

Pay attention to the video as there are several movements involved. Do not forget to have fun!

This workout contains two sections. Part One contains 3 sets and Part Two 4 sets.

Always keep the quality of the movements.  

Recommended equipment:

(Please use commom sense)


  • Part One 12kg and 8kg
  • Part Two 8kg


  • Part One  16kg
  • Part Two Double 14kg 


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by Yoana Teran

Note! Follow along this Warm Up and have FUN!

More than just a warm-up




Single Leg Deadlift 8/8

Double Military Press 8

Plank Tap Shouldering 8/8

Double Front Squat 8

x 3 sets


One Arm Clean+Swing+High Pull+Snatch 5/5

2H Swings 10

Forward and Back Crawling 10 steps forward-10 steps back. (Knees above the ground) 

x 4 sets